Massage Therapy


Looking for an Exquisite Massage experience? 

Performed by Professional Massage Therapist with 14 years experience 

Every session includes 

*Hot Stones

*Hot steam towels


*Hot Pack therapy on your back, hips, and glutes

OutCall Session Available 2-4 hours notice  required

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Sauna Wellness


Private Sauna Treatment

The most immediate benefit of a Steamy  Sauna treatment is relaxation.

Easily sweat off 500 grams of sweat in a sauna-the equivalent of running three to four miles or 475 to 600 calories. While the weight of the water loss is regained by re-hydration, the calories burned are not.


Our system allows you to lie down comfortably without leaving the massage table. During the treatment, your head remains outside allowing the lymphatic system and organs to heal themselves. Steam therapy has been used  to improve and maintain good health and beauty

Call or Text to schedule 512-961-0771