Massage Therapy


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 Every session includes complimentary Hot Herbal Therapy pack on your back, hips and glutes, massage with Hot Stones, Hot Steam Towels, and Aromatherapy 

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60 mins | $85   

75 mins| $105     

90 mins | $125    

 120 min | $170

Swedish Massage

 A light to medium pressure massage using long flowing strokes to relive stress and muscle tension .

Corrective Deep Tissue

Focuses on the deepest layers of your muscle tissues, tendons, and fascia in order to help offer complete relaxation. Corrective Deep Tissue massage techniques offers deep muscle relaxation with less pain. 

Sports Massage

Specifically designed to aid in athletic performance, increase flexibility, reduce fatigue, improve endurance, and prevent sports related injuries. It is vital before or after sporting events for optimal performance and promoting post-injury healing. Athletes of every skill level – from professionals to every day joggers.

Vacuum Therapy Fascia Release

 One of the most effective approaches to freeing the fascia is by combining manual fascia release techniques with decompression.  Using these techniques in conjunction with other manual therapies to rehabilitate injuries and increase performance by freeing the strands of fascia to allow for longer muscular movement. Side effect of this type of decompression is shorter recovery time. 


Add Ons

  • Sugar Body Polish      $25
  • Sauna Treatment        $35
  • Foot or Hand Scrub   $10