Exquisite Massage Services


60 mins - $85

75 mins - $105

90 mins - $125

2 hours -$170


Swedish Massage  

Our full-body Swedish massage offers gentle intensity and is designed to increase circulation and promote relaxation, using long, smooth strokes to relax the muscles and stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory system.

Corrective Deep Tissue   

Focuses on the deepest layers of your muscle tissues, tendons, and fascia in order to help offer complete relaxation. Therapist begins with lighter pressure to warm up muscles and gradually apply deep pressure to relax painful stiff muscle, break down knots and relieve tension. Corrective Deep Tissue massage should not be painful and will offer deep muscle relaxation 


Sports Massage

Specifically designed to aid in athletic performance, increase flexibility, reduce fatigue, improve endurance, and prevent sports related injuries. It is vital before or after sporting events for optimal performance and promoting post-injury healing. Athletes of every skill level – from professionals to every day joggers.

Vacuum Therapy Fascia Release

One of the most effective approaches to freeing the fascia is by combining manual fascia release techniques with decompression using a vacuum tool. Application of moist heat prior to this type of treatment is often beneficial to hydrate the area so the strands can separate more easily to regain structural integrity. Vacuum decompression pulls the entire structure up and out to expand into the cup, allowing the strands space and a unique form of traction to free themselves. 

Therapists are able to treat more issues or progress more quickly on a main issue in one session due to vacuum decompression techniques. Using these techniques in conjunction with other manual therapies to rehabilitate injuries and increase performance by freeing the strands of fascia to allow for longer muscular movement. Side effect of this type of decompression is shorter recovery times for athletes post-event. 

Chiropractor adjustments to the skeletal structure are more effective if the tissue memory in the form of tangled strands of fascia is released.